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Date:2005-01-31 02:19
Subject:STFU III
Mood: accomplished

)(The Nit and Grit and stuff in-between)(

[As you all can tell, this is an RP journal-comm. Thing. This is a post dedicated to... the rules and other such unpleasentries that we seem to have to go through when making an RP.

THE PLOT: If there is one. I tend to dislike plot more than Bush, ok. That's a lie. But plot and I don't get along very well. ANYWAY. There was a girl, as mentioned in the earlier two posts, named Stella Marran. She was in a bit of an accident, see, and now is what people call 'brain dead'. Her brain has no visible activity, but that doesn't mean she's dead, see. People don't believe in souls, but Stella has one alright. All of the stuff she has ever seen, heard, thought about or lived through is in her soul, not her memory (which is rather faulty).

So all these random pieces of herself are floating around in her soul, lonely because they are only pieces of her and not the whole thing. Dissatisfied, because even though they are pieces they don't know it. Pieces only want to be whole...

Thus and thus I bring you "Romance of the schizo pieces of my soul."

Rule # 1: BE LITERATE. Maybe I just hang out on gaia too much, but the amount of stupid people running around seems to be rather... well... high.

This means, not limited to, I want you to do a certain kind of posts. Meaning, third person point of view storybook style posts.
RP in the comments, yay for that, however...if you go maybe 68-100 comments in and do something the rest of us should know about, please, feel free to post a "summary" post. Don't do this for everything, just the really important/long conversations you're having behind our backs.
This also means, well, pay attention.

Rule #2: BE NICE. Don't be mean :D

Rule #3: Don't disappear on us. I'll be miffed if you do.

Rule #4: You MUST have a character icon. I don't care what it is of, doesn't have to have your character on it, but it MUST have your character's name on it. If you play more than one character, get an icon for each and POST WITH THIS ICON... so we can tell who is talking.

Kinds of characters:
-Your character can be ANYONE from a movie, tv show, book, play, video game... or even a frickin' commercial.
-Your character cannot be God.
-This is a semi-serious RP. Humor is appreciated, but lets try not to ruin the mood, mmmk?
-This isn't about who can beat up who or who has the better super-power. This is about lonely S.O.B.'s who try to love each other and angst over it.
-I am an angst-whore/elitist bitch. Get over it.

Applying for a character:
Yes, there will be made-ups allowed.
FOR SERIES characters: Ones you did not make up. (IE: Harry Potter, Mr. Darcy, Dracula, Zoicite...). I need your username, your character's name, a picture of them (or description) and a sample of your role-play skill. Just a cut and copy of a previous role play. Don't make one that doesn't truly represent you, or I'll be rather miffed. E-MAIL this to me: Kokoronomiko@aol.com with 'purple banana monkee eating lychees' in the subject line. Ask to join the comm... and we'll see how it goes.
FOR ORIGINAL characters: Ones you made up. I need your username, your character's name, a description of them (NO PICTURES, unless it is merely to augment your written thing), and a blurb (a bio, basically). If your descroption and blurb are really good, you don't need a sample of your role play skill, if you feel they are lacking, send me one of those too. E-MAIL this to me: Kokoronomiko@aol.com with 'purple banana monkee eating lychees' in the subject line. Ask to join the comm... and we'll see how it goes.

Note: All characters have the past they had in the series or their own made up past. They don't see themselves as 'shards of Stella's soul'. They just exist.

We'll fix the gigantic hole of them existing in a bit.

***~~~Looking for a couple of Co-Mods.~~~***
inquire inside

Rule # 5: ALL OOC will be in () or [] or {} or something.

I'll try to come up with a plot. XDDDD, don't worry.

Oh. Yes.

SETTING: Setting will be... *dundundun!!!!* A city-ish thing. Stella's mind/soul has turned itself into a bit of a large city which bleeds into 'burbs which bleeds into the countryside which bleeds into... well, that hasn't been decided. Once people apply we'll make a couple of designated settings for people to be in.

Uh. yeah.]

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Date:2005-01-31 02:17
Subject:STFU II
Mood: accomplished

the stage is set on the pages of a book or in the lines of a movie hidden away behind your mind this is where the soul begins and where the soul ends where we pretend to live and where we pretend to love where we have died and been born again inside this place trapped between the walls of your mind...

The city, that is what it was. Her mind was a city, sprawling, and decomposing. The inner streets tangled and leading to patches of woods and star ships. The apartments home to things other than human and her sky had three moons, two suns and a spray of stars.

Only sometimes.

Other times her soul was a field, sprawling and dying. Leaves turned to trash turned to buses. Trees were people, or Ents, or pieces of children's limbs.

Only sometimes.

The people are much of the same. Or many of the differents? A handful of people, men, women, boys, girls, its, things that have no other words to describe than beautiful.

Or terrifying.

Her soul, shattered as it was took on many forms. Perhaps too many as the media fed her images that could never be real.

they are nothing more than characters stolen from a book, or a movie, a play... even a commercial.
they are sometimes her own creations, sallow, greedy, lovely, tortured
they are never gods, because god doesn't live her and
they are never demons, for her soul has never tasted the acid of rejection
they are in love because who does not desire what they never had and
they are in pain because who does not love who does not hurt.

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Date:2005-01-31 02:15
Subject:STFU...stuff you need to know
Mood: aggravated

They said there was no hope for her, fragile girl.
A fragile mind in a fragile body.

They wanted to take her off the machine.

Her father brought her books to read, lay them around her. Hoped in vain that the words would osmose through her skin, through the sheets and into her brain.

They said she was brain dead.

They were wrong.
An accident in the summer of 1997 led to brain fluid leaking from her ear to her blouse. Down her shoulders and across her collarbones. Past her prepubescent breasts and hips.

Death could only take her mind, and left behind her body.

Summer of 2005, she sleeps on. In her slumber under alpha and gamma and beta, behind what the monitors can see her soul is at work.

There isn't a machine to read your soul.
[name] Stella Marran
[date] 01-02-2005

She might have opened her eyes. Or maybe her father had too much hope invested in the last blood ties to his wife. Too much hope.

Stella had never had a boyfriend (or girlfriend). She'd never kissed. Never gone skinny-dipping. Never drunk alcohol, never gotten high, never learned to drive...

There were so many things she hadn't done.

And so many she'd never do. All because of an accident. So Stella is brain dead. Stella is dead to the world. Stella is -dead-.

Her body is fine. Her mind is gone.

And her soul?

Merely shattered.

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